Board of Directors

About the Board

The Adventure Cycling Association Board of Directors is responsible for the governance, strategic direction, and financial performance of Adventure Cycling.  The Board carries out these responsibilities by establishing policies and guidelines, approving the annual budget, and providing management oversight.

Specifically, the Board:

  • Elects Board officers;
  • Selects the Executive Director and evaluates performance;
  • Approves the long-range plan and annual plan;
  • Approves capital and corporate expense budgets;
  • Monitors Adventure Cycling's operating performance;
  • Determines the distribution and investment of profits;
  • Monitors the performance of Adventure Cycling’s investments;
  • Periodically reviews and updates Adventure Cycling’s committee charters and policies.

The Board of Directors operates with three active committees, including:

  • Executive
  • Governance
  • Finance

The Board generally meets three times per year in January, May, and September, or at such other convenient time as may be fixed by the Board. Committee meetings vary depending on the specific committee.

An annual meeting of the Board of Directors is held in January of each year for the purpose of electing Directors, and for the transaction of other business as may come before the meeting. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Executive Director, or at the request of two Directors.

The following links provide more information about Adventure Cycling and Board governance:

Board Members

Meet the Board members. We are a dedicated group of volunteers that come from diverse backgrounds, regions, experiences, & industries. Yet all are passionate about bicycle travel. Learn more.

Nomination for Service

To be considered for service on the Board, review the criteria and requirements and then submit the nomination form.

We will carefully consider every nomination that we receive, and are grateful for your interest. We will let every nominee know where they stand in the process.

Volunteers power the work behind Adventure Cycling, beginning with the very first discussions to start a national group dedicated to bike travel nearly 50 years ago. There are many ways to volunteer beyond serving on the Board of Directors. We invite you to consider the following:

  • Lend your voice to our fundraising efforts by phone banking: email
  • Become a Life Member
  • Invest in the future of Bike Travel in America by making a donation today.  Get inspired by our work to advance bike travel by reviewing our programs outlined in this brochure.


For questions about any of Adventure Cycling’s governance policies, please direct them to the governance committee. You can also send letters via mail to the following address:

Board of Directors
150 East Pine Street
Missoula, MT 59807