Year-round opportunities to ride, explore, and meet other enthusiasts

Feed Your Curiosity
Feed Your Curiosity
Across town or across the country, we have rides to keep your wheels turning.
Expand What's Possible
Expand What's Possible
Our tailored tours and events set you up for adventures you might not ride on your own.
Hang With New Folks
Hang With New Folks
Growing your friend list and sharing the ups and downs are exactly why we're here.
Guided Tours
Take a break from your routine and feel the awe and wonder of a guided tour. With the vast and stunning scenery of the U.S. as your backdrop, explore national parks, quiet roads, and hidden gems near and far with a small group of new friends.
Ride With Us
Bike Overnights
Our newest program helps experienced locals lead short, weekend adventures for newbies, creating a community of more accessible bicycle adventures. So whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or new to travel by bike, discover what Bike Overnights has for you.
Ride with Others
Bike Travel Weekend
Be one of the thousands of people throughout the world to go on a short bike adventure to celebrate our shared love of local exploration. When we all ride over one weekend in June, it's called Bike Travel Weekend.
Bike Your Park Day
Explore your parks and public lands by bicycle for Bike Your Park Day, when thousands of cyclists ride their parks and public lands on the same day.
Pedal On
Events Calendar
Whether online or in person, you'll definitely learn something, get inspired to ride, or meet someone new at our events. It's also a great way to keep up with all that going on at your favorite member organization.
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