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Giving regular people the power to experience purposeful, fulfilling adventures.

"I think the support the organization provides for people looking to have adventures by bike is top-notch, from inspiration, quality maps, to kind, welcoming staff."
Christina Cooper — East Longmeadow, MA
51 Years of Experience
Since 1973, we've been helping people discover the world and experience the fullness of life through bicycle adventures.
54,000 Members
Bound by the joy of bicycle travel, a community of adventurers puts its trust in us to create a better world for bicycle touring.
Adventure Cycling Route Network
52,066 Miles of Routes
In mapping safe, accessible routes, we work hard to create an expansive network of people, communities, and experiences.
We believe that adventure, whether small or large, can be transformative. To live a life of discovery, we must unplug, break from our routines, feel the wind on our brows, and welcome opportunities to feel awe and wonder. A bike is simply the mechanism to get you there. Through inspiration, empowerment, and connection, we open the door to adventure for everyone.
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As a passionate group of bicycle travelers, we are dedicated to making the renewal and accomplishment we feel while touring attainable for everyone. Every day, we gather stories that inspire, produce resources that empower, and provide ways for novices and experts alike to engage with this vibrant community both on and off the road.
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Your voice is strong. With a community of voices standing with us, we amplify your strength and put it to work for more miles of improved routes. Our advocacy focuses on four key aspects of bicycle travel: more miles of connected routes, bike-accessible transportation, safer conditions, and bike-friendly services. The aggregate power of our advocacy generates a stronger, more accessible world for all adventurers.
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