Our Mission

Adventure Cycling inspires, empowers, and connects people to travel by bicycle.

"I love the organization and am completely passionate about its purpose: to support cyclists who use their bicycles to explore the world and go on adventures."
Paula Holmes-Eber — Bainbridge, WA
We believe that the human spirit thrives on adventure. Tales abound of the power of bicycle travel to immerse the ordinary person in the wonders of the world. We harness stories of those who take on an adventure in order to inspire the rest of us to take action.
We want every potential bike traveler to feel confident in their own adventure. We're here to enable people to build the lives they want for themselves by making the process of bicycle travel accessible, practical, and straightforward.
Bicycle travel doesn't have to be a months-long journey to be meaningful. It just has to be an experience that is significant to the rider. Whatever one's style might be, we create opportunities for extraordinary experiences.
Bicycle travel is full of experienced, supportive people. And when expertise is shared and spread across the community, the pathways to discovery open wide. We create space for both digital and field-based engagement to sustain fuller, long-lasting connections.
Adventure Cycling Community
The Adventure Cycling community brings people with common interests together to accomplish goals that can't be done in isolation. With the power of the community behind us, we work to align the people, places, and infrastructure needed for meaningful bicycle travel.
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