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Adventure Cycling members and supporters like you have felt the transformative power of bicycle touring. Out of our shared experience, a passionate community has formed that is dedicated to inspiring others and increasing opportunities for adventure.

Join the community and help us bring meaningful bicycle experiences to the world.

Stories from the field have the power to draw in and inspire the people who most need a bicycle adventure. We capture and share tales from all walks of life, from all types of adventures, to engage more people in the community and show them that they too are capable of challenge and discovery.
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Experiencing the thrill of adventure and the beauty of nature can happen on an overnight ride or a months-long expedition. We enable meaningful adventures of all sorts by hosting events and tours, sharing a range of routes, and cultivating leaders through our educational tours.
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Our community of bike travelers, enthusiasts, shops, and clubs is large and dispersed. We work to connect riders and support systems so that our community grows, shares its knowledge, and fosters collaboration, enhancing the lives of everyone involved.
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The strength of this community gives us the power to advocate for big changes. We focus our efforts on four key aspects of bicycle travel: more miles of connected routes, safer riding conditions, bike-accessible transportation, and more bike-friendly services.
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