2023 Adventure Cycling Association Ambassadors

May 1, 2023

In order to address the problem of a sometimes inaccessible, exclusive cycling culture, we have begun an ambassador program. Ambassadors have been selected to help represent the mission of Adventure Cycling to emerging riders, by sharing their experience and connecting others to the transformational power of bike travel. 

This ambassador program was created in the spirit of the Greg Siple Award, which was developed to introduce more young people to bicycle travel, and named in honor of Adventure Cycling’s cofounder and longtime art director Greg Siple. We are proud to introduce you to our 2023 Adventure Cycling Association Ambassadors:

Ariel Marlowe

For Ariel (he/they), the goal was always to bikepack. He’d seen the cool bikes, the beautiful images, and heard the stories from friends and eventually set his mind to having his own adventures. Over the past year, with support from Cycleast he began having and taking people on some amazing trips. Having the opportunity to comfortably grow through attainable challenges is something that’s become incredibly important to him. This year he’d like to help lead more Bike Overnights and eventually multi day trips. He’s excited to partner with Adventure Cycling to use the experience, opportunities, and resources he’s attained to create safe spaces for others to explore, have fun, and grow.

Mike Ripley

Mike (he/him) has had a passion for cycling ever since he taught himself to ride a bike in middle school. Bikes have always been a constant whether it was riding to hang out at friend’s houses, building ill advised dirt jumps in the woods or reaching out to people he didn’t know on social media who ride bikes with interesting stories. In the last few years, that passion has turned into bringing folks together to build community. Mike appreciates the challenges that bike events can bring and the importance of creating welcoming spaces for people that have historically been excluded. He is spending this year working with a bike shop to create bike programming focused on helping new folks get into bikepacking and hopes to lead a few overnights with stretch goals for a multi day trip.

Taneika Duhaney

Taneika (she/her) is a Jamaican native and a new bikepacker, intrigued by the connections and friendships formed by traveling on two wheels. She resides in Northern Virginia with her kids and puppy Bolt. Taneika has written for Adventure Cyclist, as well as Sports Illustrated, Bicycling Magazine, and Bikepacking.com.

This year, Taneika will be exploring her region (including the U.S. Bicycle Route System) and beyond, sharing lessons she learns about the history and geography of the area to others.

Jenna Phillips

Jenna (she/her) is a car free bike rider, biking for transportation and for fun in Portland, OR. Most of the time you can find Jenna biking around Portland exploring new neighborhood greenways and sharing bike joy on Tiktok. From leading monthly beginner bike rides to making educational videos of bike basics to road bike rides throughout Portland, bikes are always around Jenna!

In partnership with Adventure Cycling, this year Jenna will be exploring bike travel with Amtrak and sharing a beginners journey into long distance biking. Jenna will be teaching you what it looks like to take your bike on the Amtrak Cascades as well as taking the train all the way to Los Angeles, vlogging the whole way there. A long time bike commuter, Jenna is also looking to begin bike riding for sport with a huge road biking goal of Cascade Bicycle Club's Seattle to Portland in July!

A big thank you to Opsrey, Big Agnes, and Ortlieb for supplying our ambassadors with gear for their projects.