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Ruff Cycle Frame Tango S V2.0


The new TANGO...remember that scene, when the emperor showcases to the Deathstar's group of shareholders the destructive potential of the space station's built-in universal ray gun system by wiping out that moderatly sized planet? Of course what they don't tell you in the movie - and you heard it here first - the Rebellion's top secret bicycle research facilities were located on that planet!...the only thing that survived the blast was a prototype TANGO frame - which was gently yet robustly swaggering through outerspace by the time we recovered it... 
Just like Sean Connery once said (and Yoda emphatically agreed): "SCHTYLE WILL SCHURVIVE..."

Tango, the brand new Ruff Cycles Frame. Aggressiv, sporty or classic, the Tango is the ideal base for any custom bike you have in mind.